Wednesday, June 16, 2010

An artist's journey to find her voice...

That is what this blog is about,
my journey to find my artistic voice.

Even after so many years, I still do not feel as if I have said all there is to say within me. Even now I feel that my work does not speak from my heart, it does not tell what I think and feel. My vision has become stagnant, and therefore, so has my art. I need to discover a way to release all that is within me through the creative process. I want to find a way to creatively interpret my deepest thoughts and feelings.

I am on a journey of discovery as I look for what inspires me, what moves me, what will take me to the next artistic level; what will tell the world, and myself, who I really am.

Take that journey beside me and share with me what inspires you.

I welcome all comments, suggestions and inspirations.

Tell me what calls to you and guides you to lay your heart down on paper, canvas or clay; in words or in music.

Life is an artful dance. Come dance with me.

~ Diane

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