Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Boho what??

OK, so I have rambled on in my previous post about defining my creative style, one that will bring me artistic fulfillment and yet still allow me to make a living.

I realized I had to take a few steps back, explore my previous creative life and the years leading up to where I am now. What has influenced me and drove me artistically over the years? What do these influences have in common?

Recently, my better half, Andrew, and I have been working on finishing up some latent decorating projects around the house. These projects have forced me to make key design decisions that would be a part of our lives for many years to come.

After a near melt-down in Home Depot over too many possible kitchen cabinet finishes, I realized that my décor style and my product style are one and the same. Duh…

Old World, Boho Chic, Retro Vintage Eclecticism. Wow!

My mind raced back to my formative years as a teenager when I was naturally drawn to gauzy, Indian print maxi dresses, feathered earrings, big tapestry hobo handbags and silver jewelry. I even had a wild, 70’s curly-perm mane of hair.

Boho Chic, although that is not what we would have called it back then. I was just being “me”.
How the heck did I lose that sense of style I had loved so much, and that had come so naturally to me back then?
Somewhere in the preppy world of college, I allowed myself to be led in a design direction that was not my own… for shame!

With this revelation, I have since reversed that misfortune and have taken steps to re-develop my love of pattern, rich color and texture.

I fervently haunt thrift shops and yard sales to find the things that bring me inspiration. It is like I have stepped out of a bad dream and back into the world I was meant to live in.

Hey, I gotta be me.

‘til next time,


  1. wow, your blog is just wonderful! It is hard to find artist blogs that are not geared towards comic books and other graphic arts (those are good but this is just refreshing!). I love how you spoke about being yourself...I also find it hard to stick with my "style" with all sorts of society expectations in the art realm

  2. Diane, if you love "boho" check out my homegirl's blog www.violetfolklore.com. She wrote this amazing post about the premier '70's boho boutique from Portland Oregon, called the Cuckoo's Nest.

    And as for your '80's bowler: kudos! I too rocked a bowler back in the day, that day actually, as I've probably even got a few years on you.

    Keep me posted on your sun-hat adventures. I do love a good toppper. And have a great week-end! xo -Bella Q

  3. hello darling, thanks for stopping by my blog,
    I just love this post, It's so true sometimes you just need to traceback and ask yourself what do I love... I am so glad you are going to be "you" ;) can't wait to see more of your work.

  4. I too have had a time dealing this issue of who am I as an artist? what is my brand? is my "brand" really who I am as an artist? and am I too eclectic, going all over the place with different media and styles.

    I am still not sure if I'm not too scattered, but I'm trying to trust myself. I mean, it's hard to be boho eclectic (I am too, with a touch of rustic and a touch of modern) without pulling from different influences. Now I try to think of other artists/decorators who are eclectic and explore yet still have a distinctive voice. I am thinking of elsa mora (on etsy) or kiki smith, big time artist lady.


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