Sunday, July 11, 2010

Finally, a handbag of my own!

I think the reason I fell hard for the Boho style is that it embraces the freedom to be an individual, to fearlessly step out into the world being and looking exactly how you feel inside without the need for explanations.

It is bold. It embraces mixing red and purple, stripes with polka dots, and pairing vintage and trendy. No rules and no doubts.

That love is what drove me to hand paint clothes jewelry and handbags. Nothing says, “this is me and what I am all about” than a one-of-a-kind accessory to spice up your already unique fashion sense. I paint what comes naturally to me on any particular day. I just wing it and hope it works out!
I just painted a handbag just for myself  for the first time!  Even my mom carries one of my hand painted handbags and has one of my brooches, but I have never worn or carried my own work. So very un-bohemian of me, dontcha think?
I have always been rather shy about my creative side and have a hard time tooting my own horn. I’ll go out wearing anyone else’s fabulous and unique creation, but never my own…until now.
In the spirit of the bohemians, I now have a bag of my own and I am going to wear it proudly and answer the question “Where did you get that bag?” with a confident, smiling “I painted it myself.”

‘til next time,


  1. I know exactly what you're saying, but be proud to wear your own art--excellent!

  2. Great artwork. Just found your blog and you should be proud to wear or carry your work around with you. It is very good!
    One bag designer told must not be afraid to "strut your stuff..If you would not use or wear it yourself, why would anyone else do it"?
    I guess you send a message that it is not good enough to really use or wear. Your stuff IS good enough to be strutted, so don't be afraid to do it. I just love you artwork!!

  3. Hello Gloria and welcome!

    Yes, I am carrying my own hand painted handbag now and I get lots of compliments and questions so, yes, it has turned out to be the best advertisingI can do m for my work!



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