Friday, July 2, 2010

A Look Back at the Fae of My Past

As I continue to work through my growth as an artist through the years, I have been looking through some old sketchbooks and watercolor pads and have come across several paintings and illustrations from my "Mystical Fae Phase".
I have to chuckle at how amatuerish they appear to me now, after the last few years of intense study of the human figure. But they ARE mystical folk afterall, and who is to say whether their depictions are correct or not?

So I am sharing them with you, these simple renderings from my past, as just another step toward my artistic journey, revealing everything whether good or bad, holding nothing back.
I think I will drop them into my Etsy Shop. Hey, you never know who might prefer them over my newer "more sophisticated" work, LOL!

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  1. They do have a more stilted quality that I don't see you your present work, BUT they still are pretty well drawn...well they show the person has a natural talent.The use of color seems a bit more adept than a joe-schmo just letting it all out. They look like tattoo flash to me, with the strong lines in symetrical compostition, which who knows? you may someday consider as an additional trade.

    It seems a terribly long journey of an artist to find her voice, and I admire you for doing so.

  2. I wish I had half the talent you have as an artist. . .nce blog!


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