Sunday, January 9, 2011

My Collection of Vintage Purses

My collection of purses displayed on my bedroom wall.
Recently while surfing the net, I came across some vintage petit point purses and fell in love with how dainty and detailed they are. I began to purchase them as they became available on Ebay and other sights while still staying within a limited budget.

Vintage petit point and beaded purses can be quite pricey, some as much as a thousand dollars. The more stitches per square inch the higher the price. Also, the age and condition matter.

But every now and then a purse comes along that just tugs at my heartstrings and is within my price range. I will immediately purchase it (or bid on it) to add to my collection.

My very first petite boutique purse was this wonderful painted black and white metal mesh bag. I inherited it from my Nana. She carried it in the 1920's and gave it to me many decades later when I showed interest in it.

I have yet to do the research on the history of any of these bags and their makers but hope to take some time to do that soon.

Meanwhile, I will keep an eye out for some more wonderful purses. I would love a vintage beaded bag, but they seem to be even more expensive than the petit point. I know if I continue my search, I'll find the perfect one, eventually.



  1. These are beautiful and your grandmothers one is my favorite. This is a wonderful way to display your goodies!

  2. These are so gorgeous! I hang all of my purses on hooks for display too, love! XX!

  3. Love your collection especially the one from your grandmother.

  4. I love these little purses as well I have two thanks for the info niether have tags in them, one has two decrotive ball claps, the otherred glass stones where can I get them appraised if you know thanks.

  5. Hello, VSE. I do not know an exact place to get appraisals, but there should be some blogs or online forums for collectors of vintage petite point or mesh bags. Just google it and I am sure there will be many to choose from. That is how I found out about the vintage leather Coach bags I have also collected.


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