Friday, February 25, 2011

Spring Cannot Come Soon Enough!

Living in the Northeast, we have been inundated by snow for weeks now and I am itching for my favorite outdoor activity, but unfortunately that won't come until the first buds of spring...

Yes,  you KNOW I mean Yard Sale Season!

I am not too proud to say that I am quite envious of the perennial warm weather folks who get to yard sale their hearts out 365 days a year (Hello Southern California!)

Yes, we have thrift shops and several fabulous Goodwills, even here in NY, but nothing beats the hunt for the perfect, rare, inexpensive find at a local yard sale!

Nothing can compare to coming upon an unplanned garage sale going on just around a corner or up the street from the last one... the rush to make a quick U-ey because "you just never know" what those folks in that nice, quaint house might have...


It is raining today, melting the mounds of dismal gray, snow, too warm to be more snow, thank goodness.

Is this a sign that spring is close? Only the Yard Sale Fairies know!!

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