Thursday, March 3, 2011

Are You Fearless?

How do you sustain the courage to continue to produce what you love while still attempting to make a living with your art?

How do you hush the doubts that sit on your shoulder and whisper incessantly into your ear all the things that make you second-guess your every artistic decision? 

That tries to stifle your creative voice.

Those other voices that insist…

this won’t sell”
“who would possibly want this
this has been done before”
“there’s nothing original about this

How do each of you push those voices away and just get on with it?

Are you fearless?


  1. Hi flower! First of all, i just wanna say that i loved your art, everything is amazing. You have a true gift! Also i wanna thank you for adding me into your blog list... i really appreciate the support. And least i have to answer your question. =)
    Well.. i think we are those voices inside of us, everyone has those moments of doubts, they come as a reminder of what we are capable of..and what can we do to make it better. So in the end, the most important is to trust yourself and let the positive come out. That way you can overcome your fear and show to yourself that whatever you truly beautiful.

    Peace & Love

  2. I am touched by your kind compliments, Luanna.

    Trust, even trusting in yourself, is the hard part, isn't it?

    I fight to be fearless with every brushstroke.


  3. Every artist I've personally known and admired has the same doubts - most artists' admirers shake their heads in wonder at where those doubts come from. The admirers don't see the doubt, they do see an incredibly articulate creator of wonderful artworks that makes them smile and brings joy to their lives. I've checked out your Etsy shops and I'm gobsmacked at your utterly beautiful drawings and watercolours - you are truly original and talented - the bags, the jewellery - a-mazing!!!!!!!! x

  4. Your artwork is amazing and we silence the voices with perseverance.
    Thanks for stopping by

  5. That voice never go away from me, I don't mind with those voices, I make a peace with it now but carry on make what ever I love:)
    Btw, your blog is wonderful! I'm glad to see you visited my blog so I found you here:)

  6. ... just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming! My mantra for my artistic life! I am fearless depending on the time of the month :)

  7. I love PPP's mantra. I may adopt that one myself.

    I can't answer this because I find myself paralyzed with fear over these very things. I find reasons not to create because of the doubt. I wish I could delete the doubt. But I love all these answers.


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