Sunday, March 27, 2011

I've received the One Lovely Blog Award!

I have been given a wonderful honor this weekend! I was chosen as the recipient of the One Lovely Blog Award by Robin at Rasz Art! How nice is that?? Stop by her Rasz Art blog and read the lovely things she wrote about my blog. I am humbled...

Well, now I get to award some favorite bloggers that I admire as well!

I have chosen the following lovely ladies:

• Meet Darlene at Flax and Spindle! She is a new online friend of mine that just happens to live right here in my own neck of the woods! Imagine that! Darlene is not only a wonderful person, she has a natural sense of design and an entrepreneur spirit. Shhh, its might be a secret still, but Darlene has some wonderful things coming up soon that I will share here with you whenever she gives me the go ahead. Stay tuned! Thanks Darlene for adding more beauty to the world via your vintage Etsy Shop!

• Another lady I admire is the Citizen Rosebud, the author of a wonderful fashion blog! Here is a lady with so much style and creativity that you can't help but want to check in to see what she is wearing each day and what causes she is putting her heart into! She has a beautiful Etsy shop that carries the same style of vintage items that make her so unique! Thanks Bella for being you!

• And finally, I'd like to acknowledge a wonderful artist, Diane at Diane Knotts Musings! Not only does she create some wonderful artwork, but she always has an inspiring word and generously shares her techniques and knowledge! She's one beautiful blogger! Thanks for all your lovely comments, Diane! Make sure you visit both her blog and her Etsy shop!

Please pay it forward ladies! 

Post this award on your blog together with the name of the person who honored you with the award and their blog link: "Big Smiles" going out to Robin at Rasz Art!
Then, pass the award on to three or more blogs that you admire and that inspire you. Let them know you have chosen them for this award so they can pay it forward too!

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  1. DianE! A big virtual hug and a real life THANK YOU! I am honored to be named by you and love the fact that our blogs connect us-

    Sigh- that Etsy shop- I have a block about it- I need to load it up- but haven't yet- I will do so soon! I've got a new studio to move into coming mid-April, so hopefully it my Etsy will happen.
    I'm open to all the advice you have about a successful Etsy shop by the way.

    Thank you for my One Lovely Blog Award.You are one lovely lady! Muah!


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