Saturday, March 12, 2011

Question: How do you name your artwork?

Cherry Blossom Rain by Diane Costanza
I spent today relaxing by painting and sketching. I worked on both of these pieces simultaneously in watercolor and colored pencil. 

Golden Girl by Diane Costanza
Question: When you create a piece of art, how do you come up with the title or name of your work?

Sometimes it just falls easily off the tongue, like "Cherry Blossom Rain", other times nothing  comes to me at all and I just go with what I stands out the most, like "Golden Girl" here.

Do you name your artwork?


  1. First off, I LOVE your blog! Wow, you are so talented! And as for your question, I always name my artwork. Sometimes the name fits the art, sometimes its a silly name or a name that only makes sense to me, but everything has a name. I think a name gives my artwork a story and a life.

  2. I am just like you two. I name my finished pieces mostly. Occasionally, I think of a name and create something to match!


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