Saturday, April 30, 2011

Cat Food & Coconut!

I thought that title would get your attention!

Yes, cat food and coconut flakes is what was under my stove and other appliances when I swept my kitchen this morning and I just chuckled to myself and said "Now THAT'S a blog title if I ever heard one!"

Muncher, or half-feral kitty is responsible for the scattering of cat chow all over the kitchen and the coconut is what accumulated from my frenzied attempt to make a bunny cake on Easter morning. It also shows you that its been a week since I actually swept my kitchen properly.

Now onto the rest of my day...

Today was the first really good yard-saling I have been able to do in 2011 and I was so into it!

I dragged my mom and son with me as we went the rounds of a community yard sale across town. A whole development nearby was having one big garage sale and I was in heaven as we bopped from house to house looking at all the great stuff being sold.

I actually controlled myself pretty well and only bought what I really liked.

Although I myself could have gone on visiting every house in the neighborhood, our empty stomach got the best of us and we took a much-needed break to go to Chili's for a tasty lunch.

Below are some of today's great finds:

MOST UNUSUAL FIND: this 1" cast iron monkey ~ if anyone has any idea what it is for or why it is thumbing its nose, please let me know. I just adore him and for fifty cents he was an amusing purchase.


A genuine Italian Deruta Pottery plate! I love, love, love Deruta hand painted pottery and I snatched this up at the same house as my little monkey for just $2! 

Here it is already hanging in my living room. It goes perfectly with my tuscan finished walls.


Gimignano Pottery

I will post the rest tomorrow. I found so many more wonderfully affordable treasures. Who knew my neighbors had such great stuff?

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  1. I don't know anything about the monkey but it sure is funny!! The Deruta plate is very pretty.


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