Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday Art Journaling 5

Just back from a five-day field trip with my son to Nature's Classroom in Ivoryton, Connecticut, I am feeling closer to nature as well as to my son.

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I co-chaperoned twenty-four 6th & 7th graders as they "experience education from another perspective, outside the walls of the classroom." They took classes like building a sturdy rope bridge they could walk across to dissecting a shark. They took active roles in serving one another at meals and learning to appreciate and respect one another.

They even had a nighttime simulation of the Underground Railroad that had the children play the roles of slaves as they tried to run to freedom through the woods led by "friends of a Friend"(us chaperones) while pursued by the bounty hunters and the law (the councilors). It felt so real at times that it unnerved even me.

I was very happy to have been given the opportunity to be a part of my son gaining such a wonderful sense of community with his schoolmates while learning about being ecologically responsible.

I walked more in just these five days than I have in the last year! It was a wonderful experience for us both.

I'll have pictures to share of our journey soon.

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