Sunday, May 29, 2011

Art Studio Makeover Day 1

Taking advantage of this long weekend, I decided to move
forward in my "Art Studio Makeover" and began the task of
stripping the multiple layers of wallpaper off the walls.

As I worked, sweat drenching me from the unusually humid May
weather, I realized that this is going to have to be a very
creative cosmetic job.

Without the financing or the time to really re-do the room the
proper way, I am going to be relying on my artistic mind to come
up with unique and inexpensive fixes for all the major problems
the room must overcome.

I won't have hubbies assistance on this project either because
the spring and summer are pique times for him at work.
I am on my own with this project!

The walls above the wallpaper are full of holes and dings
because there were wooden shelves nailed to the walls. 

In some areas the paint even pealed off the wall with the paper.

In others, the base wallpaper separated from the patterned
paper on top and was left behind. 

So I have a multiple of layers remaining on the wall to deal
with. I should be able to remove the paper with a liquid
wallpaper remover, but the nail holes are another story. 

My options are to spackle the holes and try to make the
walls look smooth again OR I can come up with a more
creative idea to cover the walls and all its flaws. It IS an
art studio, afterall. Shouldn't it be as creative as possible?

THIS jumble of loose wires is something hubby will
have to deal with. That kind of repair is just sooo
over my head and I have a fear of electrocution!

My ultimate goal is to create a room that is cheerful,
inspirational and functional. Someplace I want to be
and that feeds my muse.

I have a few ideas on how to treat the walls, but I would
love any suggestions from all my super-creative friends
out there!

Leave a comment and tell me what you would do!


  1. When we bought our house 10 years ago it was covered in old 70's wallpaper. There wasn't an inch of it that wasn't papered. I would dream that I found another entire wing of the house with rooms and rooms of more wallpaper. It is very rewarding once you do get it all off. We ended up having all the walls retextured but I think a little spackle will take care of your nail holes.

  2. I have had similar dreams, but each time I was happy to find my house was much bigger than I thought it was; more room for art supplies, LOL!

    I hate the idea of the work, but like you said, it will be worth it.

  3. I'm sure your going to come up with the perfect idea for walls. I would offer some suggestions if I had any, lol:) I'll be checking back to see your progress.


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