Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A Box of Goodies Arrived In The Mail!

A month or so ago I was the very lucky winner of one of
Once a Month Giveaways)! 

Judy is the wonderful blogger over at Be Present Be Real.

I am rather late at getting around to posting publicly my thanks
to Judy as I received the package a few weeks ago,  but I am so
grateful to Judy for her constant generosity.

When I received the large Fed Ex box just overflowing with
all manner of craft supplies and wonderful craft ed cards and
tags it took me quite some time to get through it.

I took pictures of some of what I received,
but there was so much!
Thanks, Judy!!

All sorts of great scrapbooking doodads!
Plenty of great scrapbooking paper!
Even some games!

Laminations supplies

Stamping supplies!

I don't know what to play with first!
What else can an artist ask for?


  1. That really is an OMG giveaway! I would be on art confusion overload looking at all of it. I would want to play with it all at once. Congrats Diane. Hope you will post pics of what you create with this wonderful prize!!! Have fun!

  2. Thanks, Rasz! I am a bit overwhelmed by it all, actually. I will post the first time I use it!


  3. Ooohh, cute, fun and helpful stuff. What more can you ask for, indeed :D What are you planning to make? Just asking :D

  4. Hi Cindy,

    I love the scrapbook papers the most and can think of a million things to use it for.

    But my first project will probably be to cover some boxes I am using to make inexpensive magazine caddies (have waaaay too many magazines!). I plan to do a tutorial, so stop by again for the how-to!



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