Thursday, May 19, 2011

Perfume By The Alchemist's Heart

I am very pleased to  bring to your attention a new shop on Etsy, The Alchemist's Heart.

Darlene, the shop's proprietress, creates "all natural perfumes using 100% pure essences of the finest quality derived from herbs, blossoms, fruits and woods."

I am particularly happy to say that I played a small part in Darlene's new venture by helping her develop her packaging, which looks wonderful gracing the vials and lockets of her handcrafted solid perfumes and balms.

Her own product photography is wonderfully styled and the products themselves are created with the finest care.

If you have a moment, click over to The Alchemist's Heart and peruse the wide selection of solid perfumes and lip balms.


  1. the packaging is lovely, and I will be clicking over to check out her shop. My perfume's run out and I'm on the market for a new natural alternative. Thanks for the tip!

  2. Thanks, Bella! Always happy to hear from you.



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