Sunday, May 8, 2011

Silver Sunday

I have been into silver jewelry a lot lately. I am always keeping an eye
out for a great ring, earrings or necklace. 

I found this great index ring in "silver" and "onyx" at Kohl's the
other day while shopping for Mother's Day. It was an affordable
treat at 50% off.

My son and I stopped by a Yard Sale on our way to the Comic
Book Store for Free Comic Book Day Saturday and as I perused
the handbags, I spotted a box of costume jewelry.

Yet inside that box were a few tarnished pieces that I immediately
identified as sterling silver rings and pendants.

I took my booty to the lady having the sale expecting  to pay
at the very least $15 to $20, she looked at what I held out
and said $3 for all of it. $3!! I was in heaven because even
if the rings didn't fit me, they would be a
great find for my Etsy Vintage shop customers!

I paid the kind lady, and once I was at home, I took out the
Tarn-X and  began to shine my treasures! They were just
beautiful and what was even more fantastic is that they fit me
like a glove! I am now on the  search for a 18" silver
chain for the pendants.

Can you tell I'm happy with my new body decor?

BTW, I am taking part in Silver Sunday at The Gypsy Fish!


  1. What a fabulous find! I can't resist a yard sale and that was one hell of a bargain! x

  2. how wonderful to find such treasures at a yard sale! i love yard sales!


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