Friday, June 3, 2011

Art Studio Makeover ~ 2

While I wait for days when I have the time to begin a large
project in my studio makeover, such as fixing the walls and
painting the ceiling, I thought I would begin to organize all
my art supplies and tools.

Right now, everything has been
thrown together without much thought as to its use, so I was
in need of some serious organizing so that I can continue to
work while the room is being worked on.

These are bins I had previously collected over time whenever
there was a sale at Michaels, JoAnns, AC Moore or Big Lots.

This was a great project to do while sitting in front of the tv.
It takes little more attention than knowing when to throw
a marker in this bin and a tube of paint in that one.

Once I had finished re-organizing the  bins, I
created tags on my computer and printed them out on
sheets of perforated business card paper I had
never used. For a bit of color, I added stickers that
came with two sets of thank you notes.

I then taped them with shipping tape to each bin or drawer
where I had stacked them all up on the counter in the studio.

Cost for this project = approx. $5 
because I now have to replace the packing tape.

Obviously the cost is quite a bit more if you don't 
already have the bins, as I did. But to purchase them
on sale would be an additional $50 or so.

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