Sunday, June 19, 2011

Portrait Series ~ Days 2 & 3

Continuing in my quest to immortalize Adrienne on
canvas, I blocked in the colors of both the background and
my subject, Adrienne.

I used flat washes of color to indicate the main shapes of the layout.

Don't let the scary eyes worry you, they are temporary as
I was just  laying in the shape and whites of the eyes.
The warm brown irises of Adrienne's eyes will follow soon enough. 

I worked the face to get the shape and planes of the features as
close to my subject's as possible. I know it will take quite a bit more to
capture a true likeness, but that will be best achieved with the eyes.
The eyes must look correct and will probably take the most of my time.

At this point the background, specifically the farthest foliage back,
needs to be detailed. I will be painting from back to front in
order of distance, layer over layer.

I am not happy with the color of the foliage and will be
experimenting with different shades of greens and yellows to
get the leaves where I want them to be.

Stop in next weekend to how I begin to detail the background.

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