Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Little Black Dress!

I have a cousin's wedding coming up in November and thought I would get a head start on finding the perfect cocktail dress, avoiding the usual last minute shopping frenzy I have put myself through before every other special occasion in the past.

I began looking online and after surfing umpteen sites for plus size evening wear, I finally found the perfect little black dress at Igigi, and it was on sale at that! I ordered it this evening.

I love that the shape is simple with only a bit of black lace to dress it up. It leaves plenty of opportunity for accessorizing and a great pair of shoes!

I'll post again another day as I go through the shoe and jewelry shopping that will complete the outfit.

Do you love it?

Monday, September 5, 2011

Portrait Series Post #5

There have been many more days working on this painting than posts. It is the most ambitious project I've undertaken so far, but I am happy with my progress thus far.

Below are a few peaks into what I am up to now... I don't want to show too much and spoil the surprise for Adrienne, my most patient recipient!

One beautiful eye.

And Adrienne's beautiful eye!
A monkey, blocked in and ready for details!

More next time!