Sunday, October 16, 2011

Portrait Series #6 ~ The Reveal!

I had to wait until Adrienne actually received the finished
painting before revealing it here, but here she is
in all her vibrant color!

The 36" x 48" gallery canvas will be going on the wall above
Adrienne's stairs, so knowing that it would be placed higher than
eye-level, I left the top third of the canvas open.

In theory, an optical illusion of foreshortening should occur when one
looks up and the top area of the painting would appear much more
shallow than it actually is. To compensate for this foreshortening, I
made the upper area even deeper so in the end it would appear
normal in relation to the primary subjects, Adrienne and her
spider monkey friends.

Want to see how the painting came together?
Check back on my earlier posts where I blogged about my progress.

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