Sunday, April 15, 2012

Spring Renovation of My Studio

It’s time for Spring Cleaning! Of my business, that is.

I have let the dust accumulate for far too long and it is time to
shake out the proverbial rugs and discard the clutter
that prevents my business from leveling up
(Yes, I DID just use a "gamer" term!
You can thank my son & husband for that!)

I run two Etsy Shops, one vintage, the other my art, and that
requires constant organization, which I have been allowing
to slip away with the clutter.

I recently realized that the clutter surrounding me in the
studio could be contributing to my recent lack of
enthusiasm for creating art.

I don’t want to be in the studio because of the mess and if I am
not in the studio I am not creating, nor am I working my
business to its full potential, hence the need to spring-clean
and organize my workspace (again)!

If you recall, I began this task last year but was side tracked by
family issues, but this year I am determined to get this done
because I have a very bad habit of letting things go until I
am practically drowning in the mayhem.

So I will share with you some of the ways I will be organizing
and transforming my work environment in the next few weeks.

When I sit and ponder the many items and supplies I
need/use to run my businesses, the list gets longer the
longer I think about it. There is a lot to corral into a neat
organized space that needs to be efficient, yet also
creatively inspiring. My hope is that as I go along I will
find even more efficient solutions that will allow me
to get rid of quite a bit of the clutter.

Here is my list of the elements that I believe I need
to organize and run my business efficiently:

• Wall & Ceiling treatments: wall surface,
mood board, display space

I started this yesterday and finished stripping

and washing down the walls today.

• Lighting: ceiling light/fan, desk lamps, window

• Seating: desk chairs, upcycle treatment

• Floor Treatments: wood parquet, rugs

• Window Treatments: blinds/shades, curtains, molding

• Containers: boxes, bins, jars, bowls, canisters, etc.

• Shelving: hardware, edging

• Cabinets: drawers, countertops

• Art Storage: drawers, bins

• Book & Magazine Storage & Organization

• Product Storage: boxes, bins

• Vintage Storage: boxes, bins

• Photography Station: photography cube,
lighting, camera & tripods

• Business Station: file cabinet, desk, computer,
supplies, binders, books, printer, xerox

• Creative Station: work desk, art supplies, inspiration,
sewing machine, canvas/papers

• Shipping & Packaging Supplies: drawers, bins

Below are some images I have found online
of other art studios that I admire for both their
inspirational and innovative design:

My apologies to any of the artists whose
studios I could not identify! I have been
gathering most of these pix so long I
have forgotten where I pulled them from. 

Love the colors in this room! So inspiring!

A great storage solution from Ink Vanilla!

Great use of un-used space!

Love jars that show their contents!

I hate office furniture and this is a wonderful alternative look!

I love the use of cigar boxes and bins. So colorful!

This just gets marks for ingenious shelving!

This inspires me to cover my hole ridden walls
with something other than paint

Don't you just adore clever storage?

Such a great lazy-susan idea!

So there you have my inspiration to transform
a simple bedroom into the studio of my dreams
using nothing but budget saving ideas!

More soon on getting those walls covered
and the ceiling painted!

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  1. Looks like you have already done a lot of work to you studio. I am sure it will wonderful when you are finished. I love the coffee table shelves, very cool. You have inspired me a little I think I need to work on my studio a little. Thanks!
    Everyday Inspired


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