Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Art Studio Storage Ideas!

I love clever storage! I love to find new and unique ways
to store all my art supplies and crafty doodads.

Baskets, tins, cigar boxes, wine boxes, pretty ceramic cups and
pasta jars are all great ideas for craft and art supply storage.
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Cigar Boxes Hold Almost Anything!
Great for dusty pastels!
Perfect for small watercolor tubes too!
With this always in the back of my mind, each time I
browse a yard sale or the Goodwill I keep an eye
out for more storage possibilities.

In this way I have collected an eclectic
range of boxes, bins, jars, vases, cups, mugs, pots,
and baskets to hold all my treasured art supplies.

This fine wood box once held gloves. I added the
black cigar box to replace the missing drawer.

As we near the completion of the ceiling and walls
of the studio renovation (for the step-by-step tutorial 
on my wall treatment process this weekend!),
I have begun to organize and re-organize my
supplies as they will be set up in the studio.

This velvet lined box will be a great place to
store my vintage jewelry collection.

I have gathered a cross-section of the different options
for storage to show you that sometimes it just takes a
little imagination (and occasionally surfing the
web for ideas!) to create fun and funky storage.

My Nana's vintage 1920's paper mache box holds jewelry findings
You can't go wrong with the photo boxes you can
find on sale for a few dollars at craft stores.
Wine boxes are a larger version of the cigar box and
have the added bonus of a rope handle.


  1. Nice storage ideas Diane. I also keep my eyes out for storage containers at yard sales and thrift shops. Are you buying those cigar boxes and wine boxes or do you get them free from a retailer? I've wondered about those.

  2. Great ideas for storage! What a nice way to add designer touch to your your studio.
    Everyday Inspired


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