Thursday, April 4, 2013

A Thoughtful Miniaturist

I adore the miniature world and all the lovely, giving miniaturists out there. 

So I am actually embarrassed to be so late in thanking a wonderful miniaturist, Norma Bennett from Make Mine Mini

Some time ago Norma had a blog contest for some wonderful minis that I was only too happy to enter, yet when she discovered my name was not in the hat after she pulled the names, she was kind enough to send me a wonderful gift of the lovely handmade miniature french tea towels pictured below.

Sorry for this tardy thank you, Norma. It was very thoughtless of me, but please know that I adore the gift and already have an idea as to where it will go in one of my miniature displays.

There are no people kinder than those that have a love of the tiny and the small!!


  1. Hi Diane! Norma's towels are so pretty and special. They have an old world look about them. I love Norma's work!

  2. So glad you like them, and that they will find a little home :)


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