Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Dollar Store Miniatures

I love finding inexpensive ways to create my own miniatures and a trip to the dollar store always finds something I can use.

I love Dollar Tree for good quality and variety items!

On a recent shopping trip I found this metallic headband.
It would be perfect for tiny silver buttons, rivets or nail heads.

Each tiny disk can easily be cut from the band as needed.
No need to store those tiny bits that have a tendency to get lost!
I was hoping they had them in other colors,
but they didn't at the time.
I will check back again on another trip to see if they do.

You may have already been aware of the nail art at Dollar Tree.
It comes in these handy tiny plastic containers that look just like
dollhouse mason jars. The mini possibilities for these are endless!

The tiny metallic shapes, like the stars, disks, can be used for
miniature holiday items and embellishments. Win, win!

The best fabric to use for miniatures is the thinnest
fabric that you can find for easy draping
and these cheap baby towels are great for
miniature terrycloth robes or bath towels;
 not so great for real baby, though if I must say so.

They came in brights or pastels, a nice shade for
almost any miniature dollhouse color palette.

I will be stopping in at the dollar store later this week.
If I find any thing useful, I'll be sure to post it here fro you.


  1. Hi Diane! I agree that there are nice things to be had in a dollar store. I love your little terry cloth towels you got. In case you're not aware of this, Elizabeth from Studio E has a great tutorial on making miniature towels with baby face cloths. You might take a look. She folds them in a certain way and fills a basket with them. I would like to explore your blog when I have more time. You have beautiful pictures on it.

  2. Thanks for the heads up on the tea towel tutorial. I will check that out!


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