Friday, August 2, 2013

My Sugar Addiction!

I am a sugar addict - there, I said it. I have an out-of-control craving for sugar. It is safe to say that I drink tea and coffee all day just for the sugar. The problem is, that I find myself adding more and more sugar to my coffee and tea as my resistance to sweet grows. This is not a good thing for neither my diet or my health.

As of yesterday, August 1st, I have cut out all sugar from my menu for the next four weeks in an effort to bring my addiction under control and to actually lower my tolerance of sweets. I am using this SparkPeople article to guide me.

My goal is to be able to put a single teaspoon into my coffee and consider it sweet enough.

I was very good yesterday, but today I did eat a bagel, which is made with white flour and ultimately becomes glucose in your system. Not to worry. I have never been perfect, so if I stumble, i will get right back on the horse. I promised that much to my husband that no matter how badly I stumble, I will continue on and not give up. He is concerned for my health, "Do it for yourself and for our son," he reminds me.

So, I sit here with my sugarless Orange Pekoe tea and think positive thoughts.

Wish me luck!


  1. Go for it, Diane! I'm rooting for you! Sugar just naturally IS addictive. I'm fine if I stay away from it completely, but if I get started, it takes some time for me to quit again. You can do it! xo Jennifer

  2. Good on you! The first month is hard but after that it's like cigarettes, you get it out of your system. I cut out sugar 35 years ago and find the taste of it in tea very unpleasant now.

  3. Thank you, Ladies! I am in my third week now and doing great! I am setting up a blog to specifically share my experience if you are interested in how I get on:


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