Thursday, September 26, 2013

1/4 Inch Scale or O Gauge

While I am a passionate dollhouse miniaturist, my husband has his own compulsions with model railroading, a passion that encompasses a whole 15' x 20' room in our house.

I believe it may have been a key element in how we became a couple and managed to stay together for 23 years married. We understood each other's obsessions and supported one another wholeheartedly. He began in the smaller of scale of HO trains but eventually went returned to his childhood scale of collecting Lionel O gauge, which is equivalent to our dollhouse miniatures in 1/4" scale.

Though I am most comfortable in 1/12 scale when I make my own miniatures, I have often helped him out with the 1/4 inch O gauge by painting his houses and building kits.

Below is a recent Frosty Bar I painted and assembled for his layout. I added the interior 2D fixtures, flooring and menu board from images I found on the internet to give the shop a bit more realism.

I really enjoy working on these kits, seeing how the pieces come to life and that they take very little time compared to a dollhouse kit. It reminds me of a roadside ice cream stand from my childhood, The Jolly Cow in Kingston, NY.

I now have a replica of the Addams Family Mansion on my worktable destined for the train layout. As Halloween is just around the corner, I am excited to get this model underway. I may add it to the Halloween house decor while it waits for its permanent home on the train layout.

Although it will take me away from my miniatures for a short while, I enjoy the challenge of working in the smaller scale. 

What do you think? Do you work in any of the smaller scales?


  1. I love miniatures, but I don't follow any rules lol.... if it fits, it fits lol Your little frosty shop is fabulous!

  2. Thanks for commenting, Cheryl. I love all things little, although I do, like I said, tend to work in 1/12 scale most. I will have pix of the Addams Family House I am putting together for my husband. Stop back to see!

  3. Hi Diane! I also love your little Frosty Shop. It is so "Happy Days"! Good times!
    I look forward to your Addams Family house. Will it be done before halloween?



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