Sunday, January 11, 2015

designing book covers for indie writers!

Hey everyone! Happy New Year!

I haven't been posting much these past few months because I have been delving into some new creative mediums, such as book cover design.
As an avid reader, I have been having a great time trying my hand at designing book covers for indie writers who are looking for affordable book covers for their self-published novels.
I create everything from traditional romance to erotic sci-fi!
If you yourself are interested or know a writer who needs cover art, check out my new portfolio page on! I am always adding new art almost daily as ideas come to me.
Let me know what you think! I always welcome constructive feedback!

Saturday, January 3, 2015

COMING SOON! Winter 2015 issue of Creative Miniaturist E-Zine

Happy New Year everyone! I am currently working on the Winter 2015 issue
of Creative Miniaturist E-Zine.

I am looking for all or any article or tutorial submissions. The due
date for images and text is January 20th.

Please remember, all contributions to the magazine earn you a FREE full
page of advertising. Also, as always, all business card ads are totally

Contact me if you are interested in contributing to the next issue!