Monday, April 9, 2018

FREE Issues of CREATIVE MINIATURIST Still Available!

I wanted to remind my readers that all six issues of Creative Miniaturist Magazine are still on and can be still be accessed and downloaded completely for FREE.

It’s been some time since I published any new issues of the FREE Creative Miniaturist Magazine.

Time and family obligations made it too difficult to continue producing the magazine all by myself, even with the generous articles and tutorials donated by the contributing miniaturists. I do wish I had the time to devote to new issues. It was a labor of love and I enjoyed putting it together for you.

If you have any problems downloading the printies, you can find them as high resolution printables here.

There’s even a link to order hard copies of the printies in case you don’t have access to a color printer yourself.

I am also available for any questions you may have here.


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