Thursday, April 5, 2018


I have always disliked the term mid-life crisis. It cries out
with desperation, depression, a wilting of the soul.

Rather, I prefer to refer to what I am now
experiencing as a mid-life bloom.

Lately I have been feeling younger than I have in years.
A change has come over me out of nowhere,
a feeling of renewal and optimism.

I’m not sure how or why, but who am I to question it?

I don’t have that negative feeling of a life-half-over that I
have always thought I would feel when I reached this age.

Instead, I am now able to recognize the endless possibilities
still before me, knowing I now have the maturity to fulfill them.

I find myself attracted to things that make me feel younger,
as if before I had allowed myself to age too rapidly, before my
time, and only now I am able to take a few steps backward to
where I always should have been. 

I see it not only in the youthful art I have been creating lately,
in the clothes I choose to wear and in the music I enjoy listening to,
but also in how I view my life and the loved-ones I share it with.

There is no crisis about it. I’m loving life more
than ever and I am looking forward to tomorrow.

Are you blooming?


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