Saturday, April 21, 2018

Upcycling Handbags As Wearable Art

I love the idea of giving something new life through upcycling. 

You may remember that a few years ago I was upcycling vintage Coach handbags by hand painting them with acrylics. I had many happy customers and I enjoyed creating them.

Today I found a few that hadn’t been sold yet when the Coach Police contacted me their disapproval about reselling their bags repainted on Etsy.

Yeah, I know, I couldn’t understand it myself because everyone resells everything on eBay and Etsy. I’m not even sure that they had a legal right if I purchased the bags secondhand. I still don’t know. But I didn’t bother getting into it with them. I was asked to cease and desist or face legal action. At the time it was enough of a harassment for me to move on to other ventures in creativity.

In any case, I found a drawer full of these bags. Some are not genuine Coach bags so I have listed those on eBay.

Does anyone know if I can legally sell the repainted genuine Coach bags?

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